Friday, August 1, 2014

"The" Burger Quest third outing

Well, it's Friday and the three burgerteers were back out on the street checking out another establishment that touts a great burger.

Today was John's turn to pick and to drive and after being picked up we headed North on Montejo.  It's always fun trying to figure where the person whose turn it is is taking the other two.  So out past Gran Plaza, we go.  Then past Liverpool and further North.  We get to the Dytzia exit and he turns and goes under the highway and Barry and I both are thinking he is going back to Las Americas cause he talked the AA guys to open early.  LOL!  No chance!
John then continues back out onto the Progreso Hwy and Barry and I both say at about the same time "The Road House"!  John smiles and says "yep!"
So we pull in 

and mosey towards the front door where we are greeted by a very nice young lady that opens the door and invites us in!  I might add that she speaks very good English.

There are two adjoining rooms with a total of about eight tables and two bar areas.

Very clean and of course a biker feel and theme to the place!

The owner came to our table and greeted us and suggested that we try their own beer which is brewed just for them and it is a weizen style beer.

Well hey, when in why not.  It was good if you like the weizen style and on a warm know the kind of days I'm talkin' about, a weizen can be delightful.  

Then it was time to order the first burger.  Now as you remember every time to date when we order the first burger sin everything but meat and the bun we have received more than we asked for. 
We order it and again we ask for medium rare.
The young woman that met us at the door and the manager/owner were there telling us that we had come to the right place for the best burger.
She takes the order and repeats it to us and seems to understand what we are doing.  
We finish our weizens and then order something more to our liking...dark....and the burger arrives...................

Now, not only is the burger only meat and the bun, you can see that it is also cut into three, I repeat, three pieces.  Zowee!!!!

The burger and the bun are big and round but

the burger is not cooked medium rare and the bun is a bit to much for the burger as I think you can see from this picture.

Now don't let us give you the wrong opinion, our issue was with the bun to burger ratio not the bun itself because the bun, which a bakery makes especially for the Road House, had a very good flavor.  It may very well be the best bun to date!

The meat is Angus according to the owner, it is shipped in to them and they make/press their own patties there in the kitchen.
The flavor was fine but not great.....almost seemed to refined.  It just wasn't ringing our bells.

Next up it was time to order our burgers of choice!  They arrived and they looked very nice!  But, yes another but, the amount of wedge fries seemed a bit on the lean side but it was a big ass burger.

We all agreed that the added makin's improved the burger but it just wasn't holding its own compared to the others so far.

Again we all agreed that we certainly wouldn't have sent the burger back or not eaten it but we are very doubtful that we'd go back just to buy one.  But it wouldn't stop us from going back and trying some of their other dishes!

The Road House is on the left side of the Progreso Hwy shortly after you go under the Periferico.  You can see it easily as you are heading North to get to the Dytzia turn off where you can turn back and head South (back towards Merida) on the Progreso Hwy.

Just a heads up, the burger quest will be on hold while there is traveling accomplished so don't give up on us and please stay tuned.  We'll be back in the saddle a little after mid September.