Monday, September 22, 2014

Burger Quest 4th Outing

Hey!  We're back!  The Tres Burgerteers have reunited as the traveling is done for now and we're back on the trail of the best burger in Merida, Mexico!

It was Barry's turn to make the venue selection this time and since his choice actually invited us to stop by he thought it was a good idea.
So after Barry picks John and I up we head North once again.  Up Prolongacion to the glorieta at Siglo XXI where he turns right.
John and I have no idea where we are going but Barry has the directions written down and we are zigging and turning and all of a sudden we pull up and see the sign!  Now it's not a large sign as you can see so you must have your eyes peeled for it.

We park and walk up and I take a pic of my fellow Burgerteers with the sign.

At this point we turn and walk past the open door where we are greeted by a most cordial young lady who welcomed us to Canada Burger! As we look in we are very surprised at what we see.  

NOW* This is where I need to place a big asterisk next to all the rest of the information I will pass on.

To be sure there is no miss understanding the following information is given as fact....not a complaint in any way.
However, I have to say that the fb page does say "Canada Burger Food and Restaurant" which I think is a wee bit misleading!

Ok, moving on, as you can see it was a cart, a big cart!  The smells wafting around were mouth watering to say the least.  I knew I should have eaten breakfast!  LOL!

There are no tables to sit at but there are stools to sit and wait while your order is made fresh!

Yes, it is an order and carry out and that was the majority of the business that we saw while we were there.  I might add that it was a brisk business as well!  Only a few people sat on a stool and ate their burgers.

Sooooooo, not what the Burgerteers were expecting as we are retired dudes that like ac, cold beer and a table at which to sit.  That said we were there and we are not ones to shy away from things that are different and not what we were expecting. So we re-evaluated, adjusted and improvised and made do with what was available.
So we ordered the first burger as we always do, bun and burger only, cut into thirds and we dig in.  Due to the call in orders and the people waiting when we arrived we waited for about 25 minutes before we got the first burger.  Of course that's the way it goes with a carry out business.  Those that call in ahead have much less of a wait time!  Heck, it could have happened at a busy restaurant as well.  So I guess I'm saying that I'll be calling in the order ahead of time....oh, and you can place your order online as well!

Back to the burger, the flavor is wonderful, the meat is tender and very juicy and the bun is fine.  All three of us were impressed.

Because it is a carry out business everything that is served is in a carryout format.  Fries are in a styrofoam cup with a lid, the burgers are wrapped very nicely in what I might refer to as a non-waxed white butcher paper and those items are placed in a white paper bag.  Your choice of soda on the side.  I might add that they have Canada Dry Ginger Ale which I thought was very apropos!  However I had an A&W Root Beer!  Yum!

Ok, now for the last asterisk and actually the biggest asterisk!  If you look closely at the meat you may very well recognize that it doesn't have that beefy red color and that's because Canada Burgers are 100% Yucatecan pork!

Actually John pointed that out to Barry and I shortly after arriving and we all agreed that we'd have to make this a special report because we cannot rate it against the other burgers because they were beef.
Our research analyst, Barry, set to work on determining the definition of a burger because he thought the Canada Burger would qualify even with pork.  His findings did not agree with his hopes so we are not going to be evaluating the Canada Burger against the other places we have been or will go!  

With that said we will evaluate the burgers and fries we had.
Let's talk fries first....all of us agreed that we like our fries a little crispy and these fries failed to even get close to crispy.  They had good flavor but we have to give them a thumbs down.
The burgers were a completely different story.  None of us had ever had an all pork burger.  These burgers were great!  To be totally honest the meat is that good that we all agreed that the best burger we had there was the first one with just the meat and bun.  Juicy and seasoned perfectly.  It was a most awesome flavor!  Three thumbs up!

Last let's talk cost, we had the regular burger and three sodas, then three combo burger meals that included fries and sodas and the total was right at 280p.

We all agreed that we'd certainly go back but order ahead of time.

Canada Burger has it's own website and you can visit it to see their menu, prices, and you can also order.
They also have a frequent diner punch card!

We spoke to Scott, the owner or at least one of the owners and things are going well.  There is an expansion coming in the form of a sit down restaurant in another location.  He hopes to have things ready to go by the X-mas holiday.  Keep you eye on their website for further updates.

Here is a link to Google maps that is a better map than the one on their website especially if you are not familiar with the area behind Gran Plaza. Map link here

So until next Friday.....burger on dudes and dudettes!

Yours truly,
Tres Burgerteers!