Friday, July 27, 2007

Tatie the pool cat

by Debi – July 27, 2007

I swear I think Tom can get this cat to do anything! It’s an amazing relationship!

Tate seems more dog-like than cat-like, I think it’s just a matter of treatment, training, and understanding.
Tate comes when called, and/or whistled for. He will sit and lay at Tom’s feet for long periods of time.

Never sleeps on Tom’s side of the bed disrupting his night of sleep.

He follows Tom around, and talks to him constantly.

I think getting Tate so comfortable at the edge of the pool speaks volumes, or gallons, about their relationship.

Now if we could just get Tate to chase the iguanas out of the back yard.

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Tranquilita said...

Finally showing that beautiful thing! He seems to be really in harmony at home.