Sunday, March 9, 2008

The tree and the orchid

It's been a few months since my last post but sometimes life just gets in the way and blogging has to be put on the back burner. But I'm back with a new post about our garden and a new acquisition.
Our friends Jorge and Joanna are getting ready to remodel their casa and are giving plants away. Their remodel includes a pool and they have to clear space that some of which is occupied by plants and trees. Debi and I have been to their house several times and are somewhat familiar with the grounds. Since Debi and I have gotten into orchids we perked up when Jorge and Joanna said that they had to get rid of a flor de mayo (plumeria) tree that has many orchids on it.
They told us that they had a beautiful flor de mayo in their yard with orchids on it but hurricane Isadora wreaked havoc with all their trees and bushes when it unleashed it's fury on Merida. The flor de mayo was blown over and the main piece with the orchids was leaned up against their stone wall. They figured that the orchids would live on the large piece of the tree. Not only were they correct in regards to the orchids but the tree limb actually started rooting into the ground. It's just amazing how things can grow around here!
Here's two pictures of the tree in their yard.

In this picture you can see the bottom of the tree sitting on the ground and the bare limbs at the top. I realize that it isn't easy to make out but they have many plants with a lot of foliage.

In this picture you can see the top limbs of the tree. As you can see there are no leaves or flowers at this time. However right after we planted it a few flowers bloomed.

Ok, since it was a fairly large tree to be just picking up and moving around I needed to gather a manly hord of tree movers. So I got my "manly hord call list" out and started calling. First was Walter cause he had the truck and we all know how important the truck owner is. Everyone with a truck has many, many friends! LOL! Next was Geo who is small in stature but large in heart and he always loves an adventure. Next was Greenwood, the "big guy" and we all know how important a big guy is when you're moving a tree! So with implements of destruction and earth moving power we removed the tree and put it in the truck. The tree had not rooted in any major way so we just bent it back and forth and it came loose. It was very awkward to handle. Sorry that there isn't any moving the tree pictures as it did take all five of us to do it.

This pic will give you an idea of the size of the tree and the manly hord.

So here they are from left to right, Jorge, Greenwood, Walter, and Geo.
All friends and good guys!

Next was to transport it back to my house and get it into the back yard. The trip was completed without incident. Of course getting it into the back yard could only be done by bringing the tree through the house. You may ask why it had to come thru the house and the answer is that there is no other way unless you take it up and over the roof. There are no side yards for the most part in the centro area of town.

Now to make things faster I had pre-dug the hole in the garden before so all we'd have to do is get it thru the house, into the garden, and into the hole. Much to everyone's happiness the transfer went smoothly and easy.

This picture shows the tree in its new home and actually proves that I was involved.
FYI: The large palm in the forefront is a coconut palm.

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