Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Denny, Alan, Silver Oak and me!

Yea, it's been a long time since I posted, I know!
Why? I'm not exactly sure but between getting more lazy (is that possible?) combined with waiting for something significant to come along I just haven't.

However, as fate would have it significant events happened to me just last night. Significant for you, no, but for me most definitely. What were these significant events? The end to "Boston Legal" and drinking my last bottle of 1997 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Unlike many of my friends here in Merida I have not yet connected to a dish service or other means of getting current programming from the US of A. I am connected to the local cable company here, CableMas, but the level of programming I have is a year behind for the majority of the shows. Thus I cannot really talk current happenings about any recent events in any shows that frequent my TV screen. Heck, somethimes I start talking about a show I've seen only to find out that the show is no longer on the air. Humph!
Regardless after the first year I got used to being behind, and in some cases without, in my viewing pleasures.

Ok, moving on, last night I decided it was time to watch the last show of "Boston Legal". I have put this off ever since I received the last season DVD set a few months ago. I had heard that it came to an end but I didn't want to believe it and in a way if I didn't see the last show it was still on the air. I guess that's about the only advantage of being behind a year in my TV watching. LOL!

Knowing that the series was over was sad and I was very fortunate that no one informed me of how the last show ended.

For those that may not know, the end of "The Practice" was the beginning of "Boston Legal". I never watched "The Practice" while it was on but for some reason I started watching it as it went off the air and that's where I met Alan Shore. There was just something about the character, Alan Shore, that James Spader was portraying that made me watch. It was a twisted ending to "The Practice" and it was different enough for me to get interested. That's how I started watching "Boston Legal" from its inception.

For me Boston Legal rates right up there with Mash, Northern Exposure, and Ally McBeal! I like the off center shows that actually have value in a unique way. Saying that I was and am a true fan of those shows would be very accurate. Shortly after getting started "Boston Legal" elevated itself to my most favorite TV show ever. Why? Maybe because I'm older now and I even more than ever appreciated the issues that they dealt with and for sure the friendship between Denny and Alan. I understood their friendship and appreciated that friendship!

So I bought a ribeye to grill, made my comfort mashed taters, a bit of salad supplied by my sweetie and with as much mental ceremony as possible I removed the last bottle of Silver Oak from the wine cooler, removed the foil and popped the cork. This bottle, the last one of six, made our original drive to Merida back in 06.
After a bit of breathing, the bottle not me....well I was breathing but, well, you know, I poured a glass and gathered all the aforementioned food items and set up my eating area in their proper positions and I settled down in front of the screen. I loaded the DVD player and sat silently for a few seconds before hitting the play button.

When all was said and done the series was over, the bottle was empty, and Denny and Alan will be friends forever!

I can always replay the series but I'll never have another bottle of 97 Silver Oak and I doubt that I'll ever have a friendship like the one I had the chance to watch once a week for five seasons!

Now I can only hope that another program comes along that will fullfill the program void in my TV viewing pleasure. And yes, even if it is a year late!

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Tom and Debi said...

It's so sad when we lose something we love! But at least you have all 5 seasons of Boston Legal on DVD and you can visit them anytime you like.
besos y abrazos