Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey everyone....darts! Get the point?

A while back my friend John asked if anyone was interested in playing darts.  There were many of us that thought it was a good idea and were interested in playing.  So he checked into the possibilities and came up with Hennesseys as a place with a dart board.  So with Hennesseys being a great place and with a board and cerveza and food, well, look no further!  John did a great job!  Yea John!

In getting ready to go today I had to find my darts.  I hadn't shot them let alone seen them since arriving her in Merida five years ago.  I used to play darts a lot back in the states because it was something that came naturally to me and it was fun.  It took me about an hour to finally find them and it was just in time to go.

We met today at three o'clock.  There were seven of us and we were stoked and ready to have fun shooting darts.  However, Hennessey's darts had been overly used by their patrons and were not in a serviceable condition.  I was so pleased that I had brought mine with me as it saved the day. 

We talked about how we were going to play and what game we were going to play.

So we put two teams together and started playing,

and drinking......well you have to because that's what you do when you shoot darts!

 and we ate, and laughed...........

we decided to play 301, it's a game where both teams start with 301 points and the points accumulated  from each throw is subtracted until one team gets to zero....and you must get to zero exactly.
there are more details to the game and scoring but we were there to have fun, maybe we'll get more detailed later but for now we're just going to have fun.  Who knows, maybe we'll get to the point that we'll have a league or something if we can get enough players.

Nancy was pretty darn consistent with getting great points when she threw. 

  So we continued to shoot, drink, and eat and drink, shoot and eat, and well, you get the picture!

So if this seems like something you'd like to try we'll be doing it again the last Friday in April at 3PM.  So come join us and we'll laugh, and drink, and eat, and shoot darts, and laugh, and...............!


Jonna said...

With that group, how could it be anything but fun? I feel like I'm living at Hennessy's lately, the valet parker even knows my jeep without the ticket.

Nancy said...

A good time was had by all!! Thanks to John for getting the whole thing started and of course you Tom for keeping us somewhat official...but as you know we don't need no stinkin rules!! Looking forward to next month!!

suk said...

I want to join.

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