Thursday, December 20, 2012

Regardless of how we refer to tomorrow, either "the end of the world" or as we all know it better by "the end of the Mayan calender" the theme that is front foreward is "death".  The end, fin, kaput!  This event, in all probability, has made many of us think about "the end" more than we usually do, if at all. I've given it thought and wrote this to hopefully show respect for the big "D" and to postpone its visit not only tomorrow but many years to come for me and you!  I call it "End".

If you are the sunrise

    I am the sunset

If you are the seed

    I am the plant

If you are the spark

    I am the wet

If you are the egg

    I am the bird

If you are the song

     I am the silence

If you are the joy

    I am the sad

If you are the first breath

    I am the last

If you are the life

    I am the death


Anonymous said...

Whoopde do.....Tom has submitted his annual blog comment. Once a year, don't get too overwhelmed.

Tom said...

Dear don Anonymous, I'm always pleased to make someone's day.