Saturday, January 17, 2015

Burger Quest 12th Outing

This is our twelfth "Burger Quest" and our last in this series.
We have now selected our top four restaurants for burgers from the ones we visited and reported on during our "Quest"!
On the afternoon of Thursday the 22nd we are going to each of the four, one right after the other.  We will be ordering the naked burger at each place and we will judge each by just the burger and the bun. We will then determine what we feel is our top burger. The results should be posted next Friday so please keep your eye out for our top pick!

Ok, let's get to this our last "Quest".  It was Reg's turn to pick the place and in turn pick us all up and transport us to his choice!  He did so in style, as always, and we headed North up Prolongation.

I think we were all a bit surprised when he pulled in to the parking lot of Bostons but we didn't hesitate to get out and get ready to go in!

Now I have never entered Bostons where I wasn't greeted by a very pleasant hostess and today was no different. 
 Most speak fairly good English as well and our hostess today was probably better than me at speaking English!  LOL!

There are two parts to the Boston's Restaurant.  The regular dining area which is spacious and bright.....

.....and the sports
bar area. 

Now don't get me wrong, I have been in Bostons on numerous occasions with my wife Debi and we have never had a bad meal. Also when I go to my friend Vic's for MNF and we decide on pizza we always get it there cause we think they have good pizza. However, I have never had a burger there.

So Reg said that we would sit in the Sports bar area so the hostess took us in and we picked a booth.

The waiter was right there and took our drink order and gave us menus.

Now I must make a statement about their liter beer mugs!  Wow!  Those suckers are big and heavy and hold a lot of beer!  LOL!  
We looked over the menu and it is large and by that I mean many pages, like twelve or so. More pages than I wanted to take pictures of so I just concentrated on the burger page.

Lots of choices but as you know by now if you have followed our "Quests" we needed to order the naked burger first.  So we explained that we wanted just a burger and the bun and how we wanted it cooked, medium, and that we wanted it cut into four pieces.

Now at this point I need to address that at about this time the battery in my camera went dead.  Bummer!  Yes, I checked it before I left the house and it didn't show that it was discharged at all.  Why am I telling you this, well, only because I can't provide as many pictures of the burgers as I usually do.

Moving on the burger arrives just as ordered and cut into four pieces.
It was cooked to a lovely medium and the burger to bun ratio was great!  It was juicy and it had the best bun we have had since we started our "Quests".  There was nothing to complain about, it was very good!
If you look at the menu you'll see that they advertise Kaiser rolls and they are great and toasted!!!!

We then ordered our other burgers and they came as ordered as well and were very good.

There is no doubt and we all agreed that we'd be pleased to come back any time for a burger at Boston's!

Oh and the fries were some of the best we had during our "Quests" as well!

Overall Reg chose well and it was a great "Quest" and it was super to have it be a good one!

Here is a link for Boston's here in Merida.

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