Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Debi's Blog is up and running!

Hear ye', hear ye'!!!!!! Debi's flying solo on the blog front. She has shed the chains of oppression imposed by me....hmmmmmmmm, yea, right! LOL! Like I can impose anything on that woman that she doesn't want! Chortle, chortle!!!!!!!!! Anyway she's got her first posts up and of course they're great! So stop by her blog and have a look see and say hi and post a comment if you'd like! Here's her address:

PS: As you can see I have a new header on my blog thanks to the help of our good friend Lida! The new header totally rocks as you can see but there needs to be a tweak or two and then it'll be perfect!!!!!!! Thanks Lida!!!!!

1 comment:

Tranquilita said...

Yes! Now I have you both in my Reader so I can´t miss your posts!!

Congrats for your headers!