Saturday, November 17, 2007

The short without the long of it!

For Debi to blog or not to blog....that is the question!

I'll first address the query that my most lovely (do you see that picture of her, isn't she just a doll!!!!) esposa has posted. I think she should certainly have her own blog. Not that I don't want her posting on mine because that's cool by me! I invited her to use mine. Geez, if she hadn't set my blog up I wouldn't be able to belabor topics and bore you to death as I so eloquently do! So I say go for it babe, go for it!!!!!

Steak Report!!!!!!!!

Ok, on the steak front I feel that I have arrived at a solution to my carne dilemma. The CostCo visit and steak purchase that I spoke about in the last posting was a great success. The NY strip was superb as was the 97 BV Vineyards Georges de Latour cab that was popped open for the occasion. Next I'll try a thick cut of rib eye and see what that holds in store for me. That along with either a 97 Chateau St Jean Cinq Cepages cab or a 94 Silver Oak Napa should bring my carnivore self to within spitting distance of ecstasy! LOL!

Tis' the season!

Well the Christmas decorations are up in most of the stores. They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder why! LOL! And Halloween is not as it is in the states. No trick or treaters but they do have decorations. They celebrate “Dia de los muertos” here, which means “the day of the dead”! It’s pretty neat! They emphasize departed friends and family and celebrate their lives. They make alters in the house or in the yard, they make the food that the person liked and the drinks they liked and they talk about them, eat and drink the food, etc. Kind of like an annual wake of sorts! There are also public celebrations and fireworks (oh yes, every celebration has fire works…ie noisiest place in the world! LOL!).
So any way, shortly after the end of September you start seeing the signs of Christmas. It’s the mother of all holidays here, the big kahuna and just in modern times has Santa entered the picture. Their celebration has always been and is still “the day of the three kings”. I’m not going to get into it as you can Google it and get all the info you want. I’m trying to enlighten you not be your maestro! LOL!

Short post!

Well, I have proven to myself and subsequently to you that I can deliver a relatively small post! Yea!!!!!! Now what the heck am I going to do with all this extra time? LOL!


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