Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Computers, wives, and accurate subtleties!

As most of, if not all of you know Debi is the computer guru in the house. I can function but when things get out of hand I need to call her in.

Of course as I have gotten older I have also gotten stupider! (yes it's a word that reflects on me very accurately especiall when it comes to computers) So Debi is called in on the same things over and over again. It's great for me as I don't remember having the problem before but she does remember and gets irritated with me for not remembering how to fix various issues as they come up.

Recently I was having trouble with the computer so I bellowed out that I needed her help. As in most cases she's in the middle of reading a book and she must stop and come into the office to listen to me droan on about an issue I'm having.  It usually goes like this:

I say "blah, blah, blah, I don't know what to do."

She says "I just showed you how to do this day before yesterday."

I say, "sorry, but I don't remember."

She says "get out of the chair as I can't do it standing here!"

She sits down and clicks some keys along with a few mouse clicks and looks at me and says "there, it's ready to go."

I say, "why does it do this to me all the time?"

She says, "well, it never does it to me!"

I say, "I wonder why that is?"

She looks at me and says "it's almost always the same issue!"

I say, "well what is that and if it's always the same thing then why can't you teach me to avoid it!"

She says "because I've tried before and it's just you!"

I say, "ok, I'll really remember this time so please tell me again what the problem is."

She says "well, it is now and has always been an ID ten T error."

I said "what?"

She says "it's an ID ten error!"

I say "ok, what is that and how do I fix it?"

She says "since it's the same thing each time I think it would be more helpful if you would look it up yourself on Google." "I think it may help you to remember what it takes to correct it."

She got up, I sat down.

She says "go to Google search and key in ID ten T error."

So I keyed in ID10T error...............and as I looked at the keyed in letters and number a smile started to form on my face until my grin was ear to ear.

I stood up, turned around, looked into a pair of devilish eyes, kissed Debi on the cheek and went out and got in the pool!


Sam and Bob said...

Thanks for a good chuckle!

Mic said...


Nancy said...

Good one Deb! Tom, we could just see that smile spreading across your face and the twinkle in Debi's Eyes....great blog ;-)

Jonna said...

Now I understand why you got the 'best husband' award in Spanish class the other night. What a guy!