Monday, January 20, 2014

”QUERREKE”.....150 Beers On The Wall

Ok the song was actually 100 beers on the wall but that was a song and this post is about a restaurant/bar out in City Center.

A few months ago my good friend John and I went out on one of our frequent Boys Day Out (BDO) excursions.   FYI: BDO is a manly thing that gets us out of the house and from underfoot of the wives. They get a break and we get to do guy things, like scratch, belch, walk leisurely up and down all the aisles in Home Depot, eat steak for lunch, and stop and investigate new places for a cold one or three!

On this particular day we had gone to City Center to buy some wine at La Europea.  After a few successful wine purchases we departed LE.
When you walk out of LE you can see the backs of all the shops/restaurants that are in the front section of the mall.  Most have entrances in the front and the back.
It was a hot day and as we walked out of LE we noticed this……..

It was an unusual name, there were beers on the barrel with a sign and the sandwich board had the beers of the day specials. Hmmmmm, a hot day and the "come hither" of a cold brew and they're offering "the good life"! It was a no brainer, we stepped in......

We were impressed with the beer selections.  We went back again on another one of our BDOs.
Here's a look at their list of beers and they have specials from time to time that are not on the list.

The jefe, Santiago, says that it is the only place in the Yucatan that has 150 beers available.  Now I haven’t been everywhere in the Yucatan to verify his statement but there were more beers there than any where I’ve been in Merida.

Ok, believe it or not it gets better!
John and I never ate there but last month my wife, Debi, and I went to a movie at City Center with our friends Doug and Robin and I was telling them about Querreke.  So we stopped in for a cold one and some lunch!  WOW!  We all thought the food was incredible.
So it’s a double whammy as far as I’m concerned!  Great brewskies and chow!  WOW!

I wanted to post about this place before but I also wanted to wait and check out the food one more time. So Debi and I just went back again last week and she got the same dish, salmon, as last time and it was just as good as the first time.....

I had a great meal the first time and the second time they had a seafood stew special called chilpachole. Delicious!

I'm a fan of dark beers, not necessarily stouts but the lager oscura Baja Black from Mexico is a most awesome beer in my opinion and it went so well with my special of the day!

There are 8 to 10 seats at the bar and about eight tables inside. The back has three tables outside and the front has a large patio with seating in the front which is shared by other establishments.

Omar was our waiter both times and he took good care of us. Heck you even get a cloth napkin!

So next time you're lookin' to have a good but different beer and something to make your tummy happy stop in and give it a go!

PS: no, I don't get a kick back or free beer! However my post is self serving as I want this place to stay open cause I like going there!

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