Saturday, July 19, 2014

Outback after 8+ years

A very special friend of mine, Gary Thomas, has his birthday today and he is really into gardens, plants, ponds, plants, and fish, and lots-o-green stuff.....oh did I mention plants?

He is just a breath away from achieving his Master Gardener's Certificate up on the Outer banks in NC.  He lives there with his lovely, Pammy whom I might ad has possessed a piece of my heart since we first met!
Oh, and they were the best man and woman at our wedding in 1974.

Well I thought it might be a good idea to send him some pics of our garden for his Birthday.
Debi saw me taking pictures and she asked what was happening and I told her that I thought it would be cool to send Gary some pics for his birthday.  She then suggested that I do it as a blog since we had promised a few other people current pictures of the back area of the casa.  Once again she was right on!

To remind some and introduce the starting point of Debi's Garden to others I have started with a couple of pics of when we bought the house 8+ years ago.
Debi has the green thumb and the vision which has grown into visions and the pictures I am posting will show her garden as it is today.

So here you go Gary I hope you find this post an enjoyable Birthday present and whomever else casts their peepers upon it I hope you enjoy it as well.

March 2006:
Standing just past the end of the pool and taking the picture towards the back wall of the property....

Similar shot today......

March 2006-turning around and taking a picture back towards the house.

Similar shot today.........

Ok, here's some picks of what's in the garden now.

These are some pics of the kitchen garden named because it is right outside the kitchen door.  The tree is a sour orange.

So that's about it!  Hope you enjoyed it my friend!  Happy Birthday!  Oh and always remember, mi casa es su casa!

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