Thursday, July 24, 2014

In quest of "THE" burger in Merida!

You know how different subjects come up in conversations with your friends when you're just sitting around BSing.........well, a few weeks back John, Barry and I were sitting at a downtown coffee house sipping our ground beans of choice and someone remarked, "who do you think has the best burger in Merida?"

Well, without getting into the details of that conversation let me just say that we decided that we would go on a quest to find the best burger in Merida.

Yes, yes, I know....who says it's the best, I may not like what you like and how do you compare, etc, etc

Well, after some discussion we decided that we'd play it this way: each Friday one of us will choose a place to go and that person drives and picks everyone else up,

upon arrival we order one burger medium rare with nothing on it and have it served on their standard bun. (the standard bun thing is only important if they have a special bun which is doubtful) We then cut it into three equal pieces and we each eat a third. During the eating process we discuss. comment and judge.

Next we each order a burger the way we like to eat a burger. There's no sharing this time as we all seem to not agree on the best toppings for a burger.

We eat our burgers and make comments as we feel the need and then decide what we think. Obviously this second tasting is for our own decision making process and carries no weight with the other judges.

Needless to say my blog report will reflect our opinions of the plain burger and bun.

If there are any “WOW” factor statements at any point for either burger I’ll let you know!

Ok, so let me start with one of our first stops on our quest! La Cabana Sonorense located on Circuito Colonias about 50 feet from Ave Aleman. So if you are headed out Aleman (sort of NE) turn right on CC and it will be on your right in about 50 feet, err, 15.3 meters.. They have three parking spaces to the left of the stairs if everyone parks correctly. It is very well signed………...

just look for the red bull with horns and the flame above its head.

After you go up the stairs it opens into a nice space with a good amount of seating in both the main room and......

the smaller room off to the left where we decided to sit.

It was spacious, clean and Pedro, the owner was at the table in a few seconds.

I might add that the beans on the plate of beans w/chips and four sauces he brings to the table are totally some of, if not the best beans I have ever had here!
We ordered our burger to share, ate it and we were very impressed. The meat was fresh and the patty was hand made. It was cooked to a perfect med/rare. Very juicy and it had a most awesome flavor. Absolutely delicious! No doubt a heavy contender and a force that will be hard to out do in our quest, imho!

Then we ordered burgers made to each of our specs and zowee! We were even more impressed when we got to bite into our individual burgers!

The fries were also extremely good but could have been just a wee bit more crispy. However there were none left on the plate.

I believe that we would all say that if you want a great burger you should not miss the opportunity to stop by La Cabana Sonorense!
BTW: the cost of the four burgers was 260p total.

On a side STEAK note, John and I went back a few days later in order to have a steak. It was part of one of our BDOs (boys day out) things we do from time to time. We like it and the wives like us to be gone! LOL!

Anyway, this visit was due to with the wonderful impression we got from our burger visit.

We talked to Pedro about the different cuts and after speaking with him John ordered the Ribeye and I ordered the Vacio. Pedro thought the Vacio had the best flavor and he was spot on! Both were cooked to perfection which was med-rare for John and rare for me.

The Ribeye was very good but John commented that it was a hair too lean as he likes them with a bit more fat/marbling in them. The Vacio (flank steak) was superb! Stupendous! A flavor that was over the top and very tender.

So I'd have to say that LA Cabana Sonorense is a must stop for any carnivore out there in Merida!

This will be a fun quest!  Stay tuned!

Check them out on fb @ La Cabana Sonorense


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Good idea will try it when we come back! BDO is always a great idea!! Thanks for the blog!!

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Scotty Jaspar said...

Have you tried Canada Burger yet? Our customers say we have the best burger in town. Why don't you come by and try for yourself?

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Hi Scotty, your establishment is on our list so hang tough dude and we'll get to you!