Monday, December 8, 2014

Burger Quest 9th Outing

We, "The Burgerteers" get asked questions about where we plan on going, are we limiting the number of places to go to, do we have a cut off date plus we get oh soooooo many suggestions.  In most cases the suggestions are where to go get a good burger and others are just telling us where to go!  LOL!

Well, we talk about places to go on the "Quest" all the time.  Places each of us have been and places friends and people in general tell us about.  There seems to be an endless amount of places that sell burgers.  I was asked the other day if we were going to include Carl's Jr and I replied why yes, of course, why not?

Now if you decide to make a suggestion to any of us please remember that the place has to be open on Friday afternoons around 1:30-2 PM.

We seem to have a following (thanks to all four of you!!!!) and in many cases people just enjoy our adventures.  We realize that you or your friends or even our friends may not agree with our findings and that's ok.  Heck, we don't always agree between ourselves, well, except John, and as I reported previously every new burger is his favorite....or so it seems.  LOL!  At the very least we give you a glimpse into the many varied establishments that sell burgers.  Our information can guide you and help you to decide if one of the places we visit might be worth your time whether for a burger or in most cases the varied different items on their menus.  Which we always try to provide in the blog.

The Burgerteers were back in action this past Friday.  It was Barry's turn to choose and in turn his turn to drive as well.
I got picked up first and then we drove over to Itzimna to pick up Reg.
Now each time we have had everyone in the vehicle the vehicle has been pointed North and off we'd go.  However this time Barry turned in an unusual direction.....South.  Now don't get the wrong idea, there are many burger places in the South part of Merida but it was just not expected.
So we head down or up Montejo depending on your orientation and Reg and I are both puzzled until Barry pulls up on the opposite side of the street from Hennessey's.

So we dismount our ride and mosey across the street.

I know that many of you have been to Hennessey's and of course there are some that may be reading this blog and have never been and that's all good too. 
Yes, this little shout out has nothing out do with burgers! Regardless I need to say that they are a major player in this community and they relentlessly continue to give of themselves and their resources to many non-profits and the community at large. Big ass kudos to Hennessey's or maybe better said "go raibh maith agat!"

Ok, back to our report!!!  When you enter there is almost always someone there to greet you and the during the week days you don't need a reservation or anything like that.

As you can see Friday early 
afternoons allow for your 
choice of seating.  

They have a very nice bar area which gives you the Irish setting that you'd expect for a place called Hennessey's!

They have an upper deck that was just recently put in but is not usually open during the day time hours unless there is an event.

The upper deck looks down into the courtyard area where there is also seating and where many events take place.
They also have separate rooms for private events and the have a pool table and a dart board.

Ok, the other Burgerteers are already seated and they always have to wait for me since I have to do the photography.  The menus are already on the table.  (Copy of the menu at the end of the post)  The waiter asks if we want something to drink and we all order our beverages of choice.
He delivers those and then we tell him what type of burger we want.  As always, a naked burger...bun and meat only....cut into thirds.  He didn't understand fully the first go round but got it the second time we told him.  And yes, he did ask us how we wanted it cooked and we responded medium.

The burger arrives and it is without any thing on it.  Just burger and bun and it was cut into three pieces.  Oh, the fries are delish!
We separate the pieces for the photo and see that the burger has been cooked way over on the medium rare side and not the medium as ordered.

The burger to bun ratio is good and the buns are tasty!

I thought that I tasted a toasted bun and when I opened my third there was the proof!  I love my burger buns toasted!
We each take our third and start in.  Reg and Barry both comment that it is too rare for their liking and I'm having no issues cause I get excited when I have a sharp pocket knife in my pocket and see a herd of cattle.

FYI: The burgers are preformed and come in from Cancun frozen.  

Everyone thought the burger was good but not at the top of our list.  There was something missing or maybe a little off about the core flavor of the meat.  That extra little flavor component that just takes it over the edge.  It certainly wasn't bad in any way just something not turning our cranks,

We then ordered our meals and my burger came as requested with mayo, ketchup. onions and lettuce.  I was surprised to see caramelized onions and raw onions together but I really like onions so "party on"!

I would not be at all disappointed having a Hennessey's burger again because with all the fixins' I didn't notice the something that we thought was missing with just the naked burger.  But it isn't dislodging any of my top three burgers to date.

Here is the menu:


Plus they have a daily special board:

Here's their link for more info! 

So until next time we stand united...."one for all, and all for one" your humble Burgerteers!!!

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