Sunday, November 16, 2014

Burger Quest 8th Outing

Ok, ok, I know!!!!!  Where have we been?  What's the hold up?  Are you Burgerteers on this "Quest" or not?

I was always told that if I asked a question I should have an answer of my own to the question.....and I do!  We're almost old, ok some would consider us old!  We're all retired for sure!  Things like health issues pop up (which are not appreciated) and travel and family stuff pops up which the travel is appreciated!  LOL!  Just kidding....mostly!
Anyway, we have had some of all that stuff happening lately and since we decided at the onset of the "Quest" we would have to have three in attendance, well, we miss a week or two once in a while.

But hey, we're back to the hunt and this past Friday had us setting the bar a wee bit higher in regards to ambiance.  Yes, we understand that ambiance is not a necessity when it comes to chowing down a burger and we agree.  It would never drive our decision to visit a particular restaurant but hey, it was nice.
We had a wait staff that was all over us, linen table cloths, utensils and plates used then removed and new ones brought!  And for a burger....Zowee!  Helped to take the sting out of the 170p price tag of the burger but you did get fries with it!

It was John's day to choose so we headed down Montejo onto the Prolongacion and then we pulled into the valet parking area of La Recova.

As you enter on your right you can see the grill and kitchen area.  (Sorry about the reflection but it couldn't be helped!)

We were greeted by the hostess and a very friendly wait staff and taken directly to a table.  Within a few seconds we were being asked what our beverage of choice was and we were given menus.

La Recova is spacious, spotless, open and very modern.  

We ordered the usual medium rare naked burger and within a few minutes it appeared as ordered.  This time there was no extra nothing just plain burger and bun. Kudos to La Recova.

It arrived as ordered.

The meat to bun ratio was the best we have ever encountered.  This puppy has 270gr of grade A prime beef from the US in it.  Note the toasted bun!

The only disappointing thing was that the burger came out much rarer than ordered.  As you can see it was raw in the middle (no issue for me, growl! LOL!) and the middle was cold.  

Regardless we ate it as it came and the flavor was extremely good.

Of course each time we have a new burger we discuss what we think of it and where we think it sits within the first three places of our liking.

Ok, now I must fulfill a promise........John made me promise to report that he felt that this burger was the very best burger to date.  I told him I would relay that and I just did but what I need to add to that is that out of eight "Quests" he has said that six times!  LOL!

After we finished the naked burger we ordered our burgers the way we wanted them.

Only this time we ordered them one step one more done than the way we like them and they came out perfect.
Also note the toasted bun and the grill mark on the onion. 
The small bowl with the white creamy stuff reminded me of tarter sauce.

Once all put together it made a tasty burger.
The fries were extremely good and I might say that I think they were the best fries to date.

Let me say that their ketchup did not turn my crank.  It seemed weak and way to sweet.  Sure wasn't Heinz.
Be aware that a glass of water with ice will set you back 48p.

Until next time "burger on"!

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Chris Kibler said...

I LOVE LaRecova, never had their burger but as with all of their meats, I'm sure it was as you stated. I ALWAYS order my burgers med or med well & don't care for them on the pink side of medium. BUT I love my filet RARE PLUS or MedRare. I think I'll try a burger next time I go by. THX for the review & you guys should go try the sliders at Market35 in Centro on C35XReforma. Pretty good and at $55MXN w/salad & drink it's ALMOST what you paid for at LaRecova for the water con heilo - LOL.