Sunday, October 19, 2014

Burger Quest 7th Outing

Friday was a very good day for the Burgerteers!
It was John's turn to drive so we headed North on Prolongation Paseo Montejo and he made a 'U' turn at the light at Campestre and pulled up in front of Pamplona Steak House.

We used their valet parking and walked up to the front door and entered.

Upon entering we found ourselves in a small alcove with a set of stairs.  The stairs went up to the restaurant.

From just coming in from the outside our eyes took a minute to adjust.
It had subdued lighting and my first impression, though I have never been in one, was that of a speakeasy.  It was kind of cool!

As we entered the room our eyes started to adjust and we could see that it was about a third full.
There were about five tv's with music videos playing.

We were greeted by a waiter who took us to the table of our choosing. We chose a seat over by the windows which are on the front of the building as we felt it would have more light to see the burgers and for the pictures, etc.

We got seated and the waitress was there to find out what we wanted to drink and to supply us with menus.

 We ordered our drinks and some guac. We further perused the menu and thought that there was a good variety of various dishes.

The waitress brought the guac and the drinks.  We commented to each other that for that much guac there weren't very many chips so we knew we'd need to order more.  
The guac had decent flavor but all of us like our guac a bit more chunky than the finely processes style that we were served.

I feel that I need to add a comment about the orangish colored sausa as it was very tasty with the guac and chips.  It carried some heat with it but it was very nicely balanced and the flavor was super.

We then ordered the burger and bun as we always do.  Just the the meat and the bun so we can check the quality before anything else is added.We're not sure if the waitress would have asked us how we wanted it cooked as it was ordered with that info being specified from the beginning.  

It arrived closer to rare than medium rare but that was fine with me and John and Reg went with the flow.  
We're not sure if the bun was on the dry side as you can see from the pictures because of the way we ordered the burger or what.  However the buns for the other burgers were fine.

The meat was very juicy, not dry at all, and the flavor was at the top of our lists in the first three positions to date.

Reg pointed out that the fries that came with the burger were leaving no grease on the checkered paper.  Their flavor was very good and not over salted.

Each burger comes with you choice of french fries, steak fries, or onion rings.  The onion rings had a great flavor.

There always seems to be some kind of order mistake and this time was no exception.  The meals came out as ordered except that I didn't order cheese on my burger but got it nevertheless.
Yes, I could have sent it back but one of the complaints that we had was the amount of time it took to get the meals as it was outside of a reasonable time frame.
I will say that by two fifteen or so the place was full up.  That leads us to one other minor complaint, and not that we are not used to it, was the amount of noise being generated.

Regardless, we all consider Pamplona Steak House a heavy contender in our "Quest"!

Here's a link you can cut and paste with more information.

FYI: A wee bit of added information just to be sure there are no misunderstandings about the "Burger Quest".
We do not get comped any food.  We do not let the restaurants know that we are coming.

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