Friday, October 10, 2014

Burger Quest 6th Outing

As with life the "Quest" gets steered in different directions depending on the influences that occur to the "Burgerteers" at any given time.

Recently, Reg (d'Artagnan) happened to be at a car wash and noticed that the next car to be washed had a window down.  He found the owner and the window went up and a friendship started.
It doesn't always need to be a life changing event that brings people together but just an act of consideration or kindness.

Today was d'Artagnan's day to chose and drive.    One of our members, Barry, fell ill and couldn't make it so the three of us set out after Reg picked us up.

As always no one knows where we are going except the person choosing and driving.  Today was no exception. 

When we turned off of Reforma at the bullring I remembered a restaurant that Debi and I went to many years ago with friends for steak.

We indeed pulled up at the same restaurant but I could not remember anything except that they had a great steak!

So allow me to jump back to the car wash for just a few seconds and say that the owner of the car was David Reyes Aguiar who is of the family that has owned El Tio Ricardo for the past 35 years.  David is the hefe!

El Tio Ricardo is in Colonia Garcia Generes on the corner of Calle 8 y 23 with the entrance on 8.  

It has a non pretentious and modern facade.

Upon entering we were greeted by one of the staff and the warm glow that only a wooden interior can provide.

There is plenty of seating for 60, approximately, in the dining areas we observed. 

There is a small salad bar that many were taking advantage of.

Now I will report to you what you can expect when you go here and not what we experienced and not that you will not receive the great service that we received but you didn't save the bosses car interior from getting soaked!  ;)

The waiter arrived and gave us menus.  He then asked what we wanted to drink.  We each ordered a beer and looked over the menus.

Here is their wine list and David admitted that it is not very extensive as they do not sell a lot of wine but they do sell a lot of steaks.

Moving along we ordered our "naked" burger as always.  I guess we'll need to basically assume that if you are eating burgers in Merida, few if any waiters ask how you want it cooked......the case this time as well.

Chips and salsa arrived at the table and they were tasty.

The burger arrived and it was "naked"...................

We cut it and is showed a great meat to bun ratio................

We asked David about the meat and he buys his meat from Costco in bulk.  They cut their ribeye and new york steaks themselves.  They grind the meat for their burgers from the left overs after the steaks are cut.  If needed they'll grind a steak.

The flavor was very good and the bun was outstanding.  The meat leans more towards the lean side.  You can easily taste the quality meat used in making them.
David was very aware of what we were doing there after talking to us for a while (yes, he speaks excellent English) after we first arrived and he wanted to know what we thought.  We suggested raising the fat content in the meat preparation and changing the grind of the meat so that it would be a little less fine.  Being a little coarser would help to hold in the juice and make it hold together better.  Regardless a good burger.

We then ordered our burgers the way we like them.  The interior face of the buns were grilled....nice!  You can have raw or sauteed onions....nice!

Again, the bun to condiment and meat ratio was very good!

We also ordered one order of onion rings and one order of fries.

The batter used to coat the onion rings was very tasty....what us "Burgerteers" tend to expect.  Our only complaint was that they were a bit on the greasy side.  But better greasy than no flavor.

The fries had good flavor and the right amount of salt. However they were a wee bit limpy.  We thought that they needed to be in the hot grease maybe a few seconds longer.

Overall the experience was very good.  Would we go back....YES!
We arrived around 2 and shortly after the place started filling up.

There's also another reason to return and it is not burgers but steaks.  Everyone, well, most everyone was ordering and eating steaks and from what we saw they were mighty fine looking steaks.  Coming out on sizzling plates and the smells, well, you know!!!!!

FYI: You can bring your own vino providing it is not on their list and the corkage is 100p.

Here is the link to their fb page.

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