Saturday, October 4, 2014

Burger Quest 5th Outing

Here are the results of the “Three Burgerteers” most recent conquest.

This outing was ever the sweeter for now we are all in attendance as we have been reunited with our brother d'Artagnan who winters here from Detroit. Welcome back Reg!

If I would mention to you "the land of bangers and mash, The Queen, Tower of London or the Crown Jewels” you’d know where I was talking about….right! Flying free over this country is a flag lovingly referred to as the “Union Jack” and its striking colors are known the world over and there is no mistaking it when you see it.

However for The Burgerteers, we were not looking for the Union Jack itself but more accurately for "UNIONJACKS" Luxury Burgers and Beer. 

 Now there is a connection with that wonderful country and our destination as the owner, Josh, is from London.

So this was our destination this week in our ongoing burger quest.

It was easy to find and very close to the City Center complex.We pulled into the parking area of the two story strip mall and our objective was on the lower level on the West end. Very easy to see!

There is seating for approximately 40 outside and 24 inside.

There is a small bar and the selection of beer is quite nice. I chose a Hobgoblin which I thought was very tasty. 

It was modern and clean and the service was good overall.

The waiter came to the table and gave us food and drink menus and asked what we wanted to drink. We asked him to give us a minute as there were a few things to choose from.  We looked the beer list over and ordered.

Here are the drink menus........

Here are the food menus.........

He brought the beer orders and asked if we were ready to order. We then ordered our first burger. Again I must say that there is just something odd that happens when you order a burger with bun and nothing else on it. As you know we start each visit to each new place this way so that we may better evaluate the meat and the bun. Well, this time we figured we had it nailed. The waiter spoke some English and we each went over the fact that we only wanted one burger to start and all we wanted was the burger on a bun. Carne y pan solomente….nada mas! So the four of us each took a turn making sure he knew. The two best Spanish speakers in Spanish and the other two in English. We knew we had it nailed this time!  Well, uh.......nope! For the life of us we just can’t figure out why it's so hard to get accomplished. 

Here’s what we got……..sorry I didn't get the pic as it was placed on the table but at least with the burger opened up you can see that it wasn't a burger and a bun only. 
Now don't get me wrong, the tomato was nice and fresh as was the lettuce and mayo, but!

We also noticed that he did not ask how we wanted it cooked. We all believe that this was a first for us!

Moving on, instead of starting over we asked if we could have a new bun which we were given as soon as it was warmed.  So back on track we hoisted up our sections and started eating. An extremely good flavored burger and three out of the four of us gave it a hearty thumbs up.  There was a comment that the ratio of bun to burger was off a wee bit with the bun winning out.

We asked Josh if he got the meat locally or what and he said that it is flown in from the US to Cancun and then transported to him.

So we then ordered our burgers. The waiter again didn't ask how we wanted them cooked but we told him and they came out to our satisfaction.

The burgers are pretty big and as stated before the flavor is very good.  As a matter of fact most agreed that this was their second favorite burger so far.

Now when the first burger, the naked burger, was delivered to the table it came to the table with fries.  These were good fries, crispy, soft in the center and just the right amount of salt.  
Most everyone saw what was called "Union Rings" on the menu, which was their name for onion rings.  The two burgerteers that ordered them were less than taken with them.  The coating didn't have a real distinct flavor so they were a thumbs down.
I ordered fries and got rings, I just left it go, and I too was not impressed by the rings.....but I will say that they were not real greasy

This pic was taken not to show you how sloppy we are but to try to show the diced cooked onions.

But the flavor is the thing and this one had it!
Yes, we'd go back!

They are closed on Mondays.

Here's a link to more info about UNIONJACKS

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